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Steel Rule Dies

When making or repairing steel rule dies, precision is key. At McGehee Die, we pride ourselves on our ability to produce accurate dies at competitive prices. We make high quality dies by hand and our quality control procedures verify the accuracy of each die. We work with our customers every step of the way to see that the dies are properly made to maintain proper clearance.

The process of steel rule die cutting involves cutting a variety of materials including paper, plastic, foam, rubber, paperboard, corrugated fiberboard and cardboard.

The steel rule die process is an inexpensive method used for trimming parts. Steel rule dies can be used to create creases, slits or perforations as well as cut out shapes. Our dies are constructed of high-density plywood that is free of imperfections and voids, along with pre-hardened and pre-sharpened steel.

Our dies can be used on a variety of flatbed die cutters such as Bobst, Kluge, Thompson, Zed and clicker presses among others. Flatbed diecutters offer high accuracy and are able to cut a wide variety of materials. Flatbed die cutters can cut, crease, trim or score materials including cardboard, plastics, abrasives, aluminum, textiles, leather and film.

We also make dies that can be used on roller die cutters such as Visual, Ampak, Starview and others. Roller die cutters can also handle a wide variety of materials including cardboard, foam, cork, rubber and are versatile enough to handle a full range of low to high production requirements.

Below is a sampling of the dies we can build for your applications. Each die is hand tooled from your specifications. We are familiar with all types of flat bed die cutters, roller die cutters, and blister sealers and have seventy years experience in making dies.

Blister Card Die Blister Card Die Gasket Die Gasket Die
Blister Card Die Blister Card Die Gasket Die Gasket Die
Score & Punch Die Skin Packaging Die Skin Packaging Die  
Score & Punch Die Skin Packaging Die Skin Packaging Die  


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